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Online Therapy & Telemedicine in Connecticut

Telemedicine helps people receive online therapy as needed when they cannot get to an office.

Telemedicine, the practice that allows patients to connect with practitioners for online therapy, virtual follow-up appointments, and immediate live advice from a specialist, has long enjoyed a slow but steady rise in availability for Connecticut residents, but the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a necessary expansion that has made its benefits accessible to anyone. There will always be reasons to schedule in-person appointments with behavioral health care providers, but the pandemic-accelerated rollout of available video visits has allowed us to offer patients more options for individualized treatment on a wider schedule than ever before.

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Every major insurance carrier, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the various managed care entities that provide insurance under federal and state programs, have added significant coverage for telemedicine visits. This helps ensure that virtual visits with providers at CT Addiction Medicine’s behavioral health specialists are not only hassle-free but also keeps out-of-pocket expenses low for qualified patients. If you are not sure whether or not your insurance carrier has made allocations for telehealth coverage or reimbursement, our local office staff is ready and able to assist you in determining what will work best for you.

CT Addiction Medicine patients benefit from telemedicine and online therapy.

The benefits of telemedicine have been the subject of countless studies, and patients who are unable or simply not inclined, to break quarantine in order to see their provider have enjoyed the expanded access to care that such practices allow. Researchers have noted a special efficacy for behavioral health patients who utilize a telemedicine company for online therapy. Booking a virtual visit with a known provider is now easier than ever before, and the enrollment process to gain access to a doctor on-demand only takes a few minutes.

While the thought of converting to this very tech-based model of care might be intimidating for some patients, especially those who are over the age of 65,  broad research throughout the United States has found that over half of the self-professed technically challenged seniors are willing to give the new method a try. Of those who reported feeling anxious about the initial introduction to the practice, reports of satisfaction, and even a preference for telemedicine visits, continue to climb as the technology evolves.

Why patients are choosing the ease of online telemedicine and therapy?

Therapy and behavioral health are unique in the medical field, as requirements for face-to-face contact to collect laboratory specimens and run testing procedures are generally much lower than what is necessary for an appointment with an internist or physician. As such, patients are able to follow and participate in comprehensive treatment plans with their behavioral health providers without any additional adjustments. This, along with the fact that visits can take place from the comfort of one’s own living room, has contributed to continually climbing numbers of patients who are choosing the ease of online therapy. The video component of telehealth visits is universally reported to feel significantly less impersonal than a simple voice call.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 and forego the need to include travel time when attempting to schedule appointments to accommodate busy workdays.  Visits are secure, private, and can be initiated from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and desktop computers.

Enjoy online therapy, your way, and on your own terms, by setting up an appointment with one of our licensed, experienced professionals today.

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