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Bald man slumped over a table with an empty bottle of alcohol

What Role Does Drug Testing Play in Treating Alcoholism?

Why should drug testing be part of your alcoholism recovery plan?
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Sad woman sitting on the floor of the forest as her self melts away

The Connection Between Psychiatric Disorders and Alcoholism

Mental disorders like anxiety and depression can worsen with alcohol use and abuse. Learn about treatment options and find the best fit for yourself or ...
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Woman trying to find herself in a mirror

Overcoming the Stigma of Addiction

You are not alone in struggling with alcoholism.
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Alcohol Consumption during the Holidays

Guidance to Stay Sober During the Holidays

The media overwhelms us with advertisements that promote alcohol consumption during the holidays. Get guidance on how to stay sober this holiday season.
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Anxiety Treatment & Therapy in Connecticut

Anxiety Treatment & Therapy in Connecticut

Anxiety treatment can help those recovering from addiction to find healthier outlets for their pain. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at times, but for 19.1% ...
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PTSD Treatment

PTSD treatment in Connecticut

Trauma therapy is highly effective in helping individuals with PTSD to live full and happy lives. Contact CT Addiction Medicine to learn more!
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